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Thanks for the support

There has been so much going on with Marine Night Lights – Under Water Lighting – We will make some time in the next week to update this Post with the ongoing side of MNL. We really do appreciate all of the local purchases in New Zealand & over the ditch in Australia.

Why do I need under water LED Lights?

Why do I need under water LED Lights? Good question, we are glad you asked! Here are some of the major benefits of our Underwater Boat Lights Fishing: Our Marine Night Lights underwater boat lights are great for attracting bait fish in the darkness of an early morning fish, and getting you out fishing with […]

A background on our Marine Night Lights

Marine Night Light Logo

Marine Night Lights have been developing underwater lights for the last 10 years. It all started after purchasing what were supposed to be “Best on the market” Underwater lights which failed after just thirteen months of use. No warranty or replacements were provided to us and so we decided we would be better off building […]